Thursday, September 12, 2013

14 days and counting

That’s right.  I’ve only got two more weeks at Tamarac NWR before I hit the road for more southern climes.  This is about the time I start making lists of things I need to accomplish before heading out.  After mowing the weeds all around headquarters and the volunteer rig sites today (the grass is just beginning to green up after such a dry August), I headed to town to take care of some items on my list. 

Town means Detroit Lakes (DL to those in the know Winking smile).  After being here four months, I consider myself one of “those” in the know…  It seems I’m needing some new tires for the toad, so I asked Larry, one of the maintenance guys on the refuge, where he would go for tires.  He sent me to Schultz Garage and Bus Company in DL for an honest evaluation of my needs.  I now have an appointment for getting four new Firestone Tires installed next Thursday.


While in town, I stopped at the Central Market grocery store for another must have item for my travels.  I’ve recently become enamored by these tasty ginger thins.


They’re a very thin, crispy ginger cookie that just melts in your mouth as you eat them.  One serving is supposed to be six cookies for only a total of 133 calories.  I’ve always like gingersnaps, but I like these even better.


There’s also some fun involved in eating them.  “Anna’s Pepperkakor are also known as Swedish wish cookies.  To make a wish, place a cookie on the palm of your hand and tap it gently with your index finger.  If it breaks into three pieces, your wish will come true.  Lycka till!”  Hmm… seems like my journey to Louisiana will be an easy one.  That’s a relief!


I also decided to live on the wild side, and try some of their chocolate mint thins.  I’ll have to let you know if they’re as tasty as the ginger thins later.

As I’m finishing up this post, the sandhill cranes are giving their wonderful calls outside my rig window.  I don’t see them often here, but I love to listen to them.  I bet they’re roosting in the shallow waters of Flat Lake this evening.

Tomorrow, I’m off for a final trip to Fargo for this year.  On my list, of course, is to get about three loaves of wonderful bread for the freezer from the Breadsmith, a last pound of sponge candy, and maybe, if I time it just right, one last chocolate malt on my way back to the rig.  Culinary delights for sure!

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy

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