Saturday, September 7, 2013

Someone showed up!

What a surprise.  Someone came for the bird tour at 8:30.  Only one person, but that’s better than nothing considering the time of year.  IMG_4447

So what did we see?  Not a whole lot, but the young eagles cooperated and were perched nearby to start the foggy morning. 


                               I did chase up a couple of marsh wrens, a common snipe, and an osprey.


I ended up the tour here at Flat Lake, so the gentleman could at least see the large gathering of trumpeter swans at their loafing spot.  Bird tours would be a lot more exciting to my way of thinking if they were conducted in May and June.


Not much else happened today.  As you can see, I sat outside with Emma this evening and enjoyed the remaining hummingbirds visiting the feeder.  I’ve been invited to return to Tamarac NWR next summer, so I have a little thinking to do.  I’ve enjoyed my time here, despite the ticks, mosquitoes, and deer flies.  The location also enables me to visit now and then with my kids and grandkids, so that’s a big pull to return. 

My duties next year would change since the renovated visitors center will once again be open, and the MN Breeding Bird Atlas work ended this summer.  Well, I’ve got some time to decide, but I’m leaning toward returning.  Maybe I can talk them into bird tours when there are more birds around.

I’ve been plagued today with a sneezing attack.  I get that every once in a while, but don’t know the cause.  I bet I’ve sneezed over 100 times today.  There’s just this tickle in my nose.  I don’t think it means I’m coming down with anything or allergic to anything, but it just happens some times.  Short but sweet tonight…Winking smile

IMG_4453                                                                                THE END!

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy

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