Monday, September 2, 2013

Tried not to labor too hard today

In honor of Labor Day, I endeavored to not do much today.  I pretty much succeeded.  After my four day trip to Rochester, I did have some laundry to catch up on.  Doing that and cooking up a big batch of pork stir fry, about took up my day.  I was able to freeze three more meal portions for when I’m on the road in a little over three weeks.  I do like my frozen dinners much better than what you buy in the store.


While enjoying the cooler temperatures outside with Emma, one of the thirteen lined ground squirrels came by to play with Emma.  Little does this one know that Emma has the patience of Job when it comes to catching them.  After her victory yesterday, she was pumped to continue her winning streak.  Luckily, this little guy kept his distance.


After dinner, we took the garbage to the dumpster and headed in back of the rig to the shore of Flat Lake.  I’ve heard that as the fall moves along, more and more of the trumpeter swans will be gathering here.  This is only about half of the group that was milling about on shore.


                                               Hey guys, watch out!  Someone’s spying on us.


While we were spying on the swans, an adult bald eagle was spying on us.  There were a pair of them, but they soon soared off.


                               Tonight, there were a number of Canada geese mixed in with the swans. 

While I was down in Rochester, my son Dan talked me into signing up for a football pool.  Hard to believe for a person that doesn’t follow sports, and never watches football, but I figured what the heck.  It’s cheap entertainment for the next 17 weeks.  With my uninformed picks, I figure Dan will have a better chance of winning.  Winking smile  And who knows, maybe by some chance of fate, I’ll win a weekly pot and more than pay for my entry fee.  Daniel was excited, and that’s all that counts.  We’ll probably chat weekly about my picks.  They’ll probably center around picking places I’ve visited or liking the colors of their uniforms.


On our way back to the rig I noticed how big numbers of swallows were covering a large tall antenna.  They’re gathering and staging for migration.  Soon they’ll all be gone south.  A website I follow documents the fall bird migration in the Midwest, and they have shown massive migration movements of little birds for the last week.  Most of that has centered around Duluth, but it’s a fact; fall is on its way.


I did wander down to open the door of the office to see if I had any mail over the weekend.  I was happy to find a package with my two mug rugs inside custom made by Sandy.  She and her husband are fellow full time RVers.  She loves to quilt, and I ordered these through her Etsy site.  I think they’re a creative stylization of my Winnebago rig, and she came up with the idea of putting Emma in the window holding a welcome bone.  My friends, the birds, are constructing the name of my blog.  How cool this is!  I’ve decided to use one to place my glass of wine on in the evening, and hung the other one on the wall in the entryway.  I’m just tickled with how they turned out.  Hop over to her blog if you’d like a similar creation for your personalized mug rugs.  She’s easy to work with and very creative.

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy

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