Sunday, September 1, 2013

Life through the eyes of a seven year old

When I was down in Rochester in July, my plan was to take all of my kids and grandkids out to dinner at the Hubbell House Restaurant in Mantorville, MN.  Of course my getting sick that weekend meant we had to cancel those plans.

It is a well known restaurant in the area with a lot of history.  The building was originally an inn and eating place for folks traveling along by stagecoach back in the 1800’s.  The original building is still there, but it is now only a fine dining place.


Robyn and Dennis and their girls couldn’t make it this weekend up from Indiana, but the rest of us had a jolly old time.  On the left is little Ruby, her mother Kelly, and brother Seth.  On the right is seven year old Joseph with his dad Andy behind him, and Dan and Crystal at the back.  I had the perfect seat next to Ruby, and across from Joseph.


Grandson Seth didn’t show up very well in that first shot, so here’s a better look at him.  He’ll be starting first grade on Wednesday.  He’s the nature lover of Andy and Kelly’s three children.  I’m hoping he and I will be having some special times together in the future.


Having a three year old beside me, and a seven year old, Joseph (aka: Flat Joey), across from me made for a very interesting meal.  I think Ruby is going to grow into being a real pistol of a little girl, and I truly treasured the time spent talking with Joey.  Seven is such an interesting age.

He was just bursting at the seams to tell me about all the things he has learned and done since I last saw him.  He demonstrated his prowess at reading, and we worked together on a puzzle.  Then, the real fun for me started.  Joseph asked if I traveled all over the world.  I told him that I mostly traveled all over the United States.  Then he asked, “ Have you ever been to France?”  I said, “No, but I flew to Spain a couple of years ago, and then traveled on a boat for some time to get back to the United States.”  His response to this was, “Oh, no wonder you are so old!”  Surprised smile

He then began to reminisce about when he was about four or five years old.  (Like that was a very long time ago..Smile)  After ruminating a while he said, “Back then, I think you had sort of greyish blonde hair, but now it’s white!”  I told him that was true, and that I was pretty much older than dirt now.  He was satisfied with that answer.  To end that conversation, he told me that he liked me as much as his other grandma, but she was much younger.  What a hoot!  Don’t you just love the open honesty of seven year olds?  I do!

I left Rochester this morning and drove the 300 miles back to Tamarac.  It was a wonderful visit; I got my medical stuff taken care of, but I’m sure happy to be home.  The ever vigilant Emma was on patrol for interlopers when I hooked her outside after our arrival this afternoon.  I refilled the bird feeders, and before you knew it, she actually caught a marauding 13-lined ground squirrel!  EEK!  I think it shocked her too.  After pouncing on it, she backed off and just looked at it.  It has now left this world, and I’m rather sorry about that.  I never thought she’d catch one of those little buggers.


After further visiting with Andy and his family after dinner at Hubbell House on Saturday, he gave me a call after I had left that I had forgotten my camera.  I returned to get it, and when I got home this afternoon there was a surprise picture on it for me.  Andy took this shot of my Minnesota grandkids.  See you next year Joseph, Ruby, and Seth!

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy

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